Creating PR with AI

The promotion of my novel “Get Rid of Glenda” has been made easier by utilising AI technology. I’ve utilised AI to create images, videos, and voice-overs for its promotion. The cover image of Glenda was created using the AI tool Dal-e 2. It took hundreds of attempts – but it was worth it. I’d already spent weeks searching through both paid and free stock libraries to no avail, and was thinking of another design. And finally, thanks to AI, Glenda was born.

An old process, now at super speeds.

Seven years ago, I created talking head videos using the program Crazy Talk. The programs included a TV commercial featuring talking sheep and another with Samuel Taylor Coleridge reciting the Rime of the Ancient Mariner utilising his portrait by the artist Pieter van Dyke.

The old process was manual and individual points had to be allocated to various parts of the face – it was very time-consuming but effective. Now, with the help of AI and the online resource D-ID, I can create talking head videos in just minutes.

Promote with social media

While I prefer to conceptualise my own work, AI is useful for checking English grammar and spelling. To promote “Get Rid of Glenda”, I created many characters using Mid Journey.

To promote the novel, I use still images with a speech bubble, with some reading different quotes from the book. I also create talking head videos from these images. I’ve uploaded these images and videos on various platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and my website. Although my approach may not work for everyone, I thoroughly enjoy the process of promoting my work.

As an ancient creative, I remember the days when the only tool at my disposal was a trusty typewriter. It’s a blast to see how far we’ve come, from clunky mechanical machines to sleek computer tech and now, the magical world of AI. But, I guess it’s time for this old timer to put down the toys and get back to work on my next novel, “Dead in the Water”, instead of endlessly messing around with AI to promote “Get Rid of Glenda.”