Deviates from the Norm – Short Stories

Dive into the offbeat universe of Jack Fringe, where the ordinary is turned on its head, and the bizarre becomes the new normal. “Deviates from the Norm” is a collection of short stories that blend dark humour with unexpected twists, showcasing characters that live on the fringes of society – peculiar, yet undeniably human.

From a contentious battle for a church organist’s senior position to the eerie silence aboard an old Navy destroyer believed to be deserted. Witness the mundane life of a tea lady turned upside down over the budget for chocolate biscuits, and feel the chill of awakening in bed next to a stranger. Ponder the morality of a found lottery ticket, encounter mysterious beings on public transport, bid farewell to an ancient Jacobean couch, and navigate the absurd demands of a consumer activist for better restroom etiquette. Not to forget the grammar vigilantes who challenge linguistic norms and Mr. Funsink’s chaotic yet strangely effective training course on introducing chaos to the marketing mix.

Jack Fringe invites you on an unforgettable journey through stories that are as absurd as they are delightful. Each tale weaves a fabric of imagination that dares you to laugh, even when you think you shouldn’t. “Deviates from the Norm” is not just a book; it’s a gateway to a world where the unexpected is the only expectation.

Embrace the odd, the peculiar, and the outright bizarre with Jack Fringe. Your journey into the extraordinary begins here.