‘Tuff Ship’ testimonials.

The Crew Talks - Navy Destroyer - Mulga

The characters in 'Tuff Ship' are brought to life in animation for a few seconds. Here you can see their motivations. The novel explores situations that bring out their worst. ...
And best.

In this riotous seafaring satire, the egotistical and incompetent Captain Doherty leads the ageing destroyer HMAS Mulga and her hapless crew on a chaotic circumnavigation of Australia. When a stray cat sneaks aboard, it unleashes an escalating chain of disasters—from illicit affairs to international smuggling incidents. Amid the mayhem, longstanding crew members like the quick-witted cook 'Dinger' Bell and kind-hearted steward Mario Naldani must stay afloat. Brimming with colourful characters, irreverent humour, and a keen skewering of naval bureaucracy, Tuff Ship is a wild, laugh-out-loud ride that also explores the price of ambition and the value of loyalty against the turbulent backdrop of the 1970s Australian Navy.

'Tuff Ship' the novel, available in print and kindle through Amazon and eBook through Apple Books, Kobo etc...
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