Novel – Tuff Ship – Due Mid 2024.

New Novel 2024. Bashings, murder, theft, sabotage, debauchery, fire dances and drunken runs engulf the crew of HMAS Mulga as it circumnavigates Australia… Through wealth and connections, Captain Malcolm Doherty is destined to hold one of the highest positions in Australia. Whereas, Guiseppi Naldini, also with wealth and position already holds a high position albeit…

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Edith Organ

Organ Control

Miss Gloria Fitzsimons, the Senior Organist at Saint Genesius Cathedral in Sydney, took ill and Mrs Edith Clampton was elevated to Acting Senior Organist in her absence. While this senior position brought Mrs Clampton much social recognition, especially from the Bishop, she felt uncomfortable that her name tag identified her as ‘acting’. Prior to the…

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Creating PR with AI

The promotion of my novel “Get Rid of Glenda” has been made easier by utilising AI technology. I’ve utilised AI to create images, videos, and voice-overs for its promotion. The cover image of Glenda was created using the AI tool Dal-e 2. It took hundreds of attempts – but it was worth it. I’d already…

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