Novel – Get Rid of Glenda – out now.

The novel, Get Rid of Glenda, tells the story of a desperate HR Manager, Glenda Nail, who loses power after the death of the National Television Networks founder and CEO, Max Silver.

Now, the corporate reins are handed to his creative, flamboyant nephew Peter Silver. Peter is faced with running a network whose management has a gluttonous appetite for power, drugs, sexual deviancy and revenge — but nothing can prepare him for the greatest horror of all. Glenda.

Glenda wrote a pilot for a TV Program on management. It never went to air. “It’s her teeth,” the producer said. “There is no way we can put her on TV.”

As HR manager, Glenda Nail works for the good of the company and its employees. But Peter soon realizes that Glenda’s real agenda is more substantial than that — her goal is to take down the national TV network and the new CEO. Surely he can overcome management’s excesses … but can he defeat the monster that lurks in HR?

A dark tale of human decay at its very best.

CONTENT GUIDANCE. Please be aware that this is a tragicomedy, and the story contains themes of drug addiction, alcoholism, exhibitionism and what some may term depravity. It is not erotic. Some of the characters’ language would not be tolerated in certain worlds. Not suitable for children.