This little website promotes some of my writing. If you are a reader I hope you find the website and my work enjoyable. If you’re a writer I also hope you enjoy my work and understand that we are all the same, just our product is different. The joy of creating and publishing a piece of fiction or non-fiction, whether a short story or a full blown novel, gives immeasurable pleasure. That moment when you create something different. I especially enjoy the wonderful feedback I get from time to time.

Why Write?

Why write? It is a question I am asked often. Yes, why do I write? Why waste all those days, months and years and all that money for editors and proofreaders. I reply – why snow ski? All that money on skis, travel and hotels? The answer is the same. The passion and the love. Albeit mine is sitting in front of a computer in the early mornings alone in my thoughts. But those little achievements, like thinking of unique plot point, linking two unrelated things together, killing off a character in a fulfilling way and then creating an ending that works. It’s moments like that – that make it all worthwhile.

The Joys of Production

There is nothing more exciting that seeing your idea grow into a script and then to see it produced. And then to get feedback – sometimes we want to cry because of our achievements and other times anger. I have been fortunate to see and hear my work produced. My first book in 1986 was self published. My first comedy skits in the 70’s were self produced on Super 8 film. My first radio ad in the 80’s was self produced at home. My first short film in the 90’s was self produced. Never hold back because you are not accepted. If you are not being chosen – choose yourself. Then one day the door will open – just keep moving forward. I have been fortunate to see many of my scripts developed in theatre, television, radio, novels, newspaper and magazine. One of my favourites is this radio ad. The client wanted to talk about recycling and using used parts in cars. The producer was Shane Hurford who worked his magic. We had a very small budget but I pulled in favours from voice talent far and wide to produce this. My thinking behind the ad was that if he was selling used car parts then maybe our radio ad should be made from use radio ads.

Beware of the Naysayer

I try to stay away from the naysayers who typically hone in on their ‘correct’ style of grammar without a mention of my content. Or just congratulate me on my writing achievement without a mention of the content. Or the very typical question: So you have a publisher? Let’s leave them be in their own small worlds and move on. Otherwise they will send you crazy.

Doors will Open

These are the repeated words of my late mentor: ‘Doors will open’. Yes, they do. Stick with the strength and that’s the people who encourage and believe in you. But first, you have to believe in yourself. If the door doesn’t open try another door.