Novel – Tuff Ship – Due Mid 2024.

New Novel 2024.

Bashings, murder, theft, sabotage, debauchery, fire dances and drunken runs engulf the crew of HMAS Mulga as it circumnavigates Australia…

Through wealth and connections, Captain Malcolm Doherty is destined to hold one of the highest positions in Australia. Whereas, Guiseppi Naldini, also with wealth and position already holds a high position albeit in the underworld. 

Guiseppi’s son, Able Seaman Mario Naldani, an innocent and loyal sailor, serves as Captain Doherty’s steward. Doherty accuses him of theft. Mario unknowingly sets off a coalition of revenge as family and friends chart the Captain’s downfall.

The Captain’s rise to the top is aided by a meathead Chief Coxswain, a spineless Executive Officer, and a naive training officer. Their blind loyalty to Doherty exposes the crew to chaos, leaving the ship’s morale and integrity in tatters–—but others have their own agenda and port by port the revenge gets sweeter. 

Will the HMAS Mulga finish its voyage in a seaworthy condition? Could sailors really sabotage the fleet entry as HMS Britannia and HM the Queen sail into Sydney Harbour? Why does someone try to kill the only female onboard, Second Officer Lennie Buttertfield, a Navy reserve lawyer; has she uncovered too much? Does Captain Doherty’s success come at the crew’s downfall? Or vice versa. 

“TUFF SHIP” navigates through absurdity, dark humour and tragedy, questioning the price of ambition and the value of loyalty. Dive into the turbulent 1970s with a tale so audacious, it might just be true—at least, for those who’ve weathered the storm.