Bank Manager Position Available

Bank Manager Position Available

Banking, like many challenging businesses, seeks the best people. However, the cream of the crop is hard to find, especially in the finance world. When there are more jobs available than applicants, HR managers at The Bank found themselves having to lower the bar.

Glowing references for Turquoise Funsink were read with gusto. It was believed he would be the man to propel The Bank forward. However, nobody at The Bank discerned what was subtly hinted between the lines in his references. In hindsight, the President vowed never to overlook such nuances again.

President of The Bank presents a reference for his former bank manager.

After some time and not-so-subtle hints, Turquoise left The Bank. Reluctantly, the President agreed to provide him a reference. Turquoise, being astute, asked for a recorded reference. The President crafted a reference filled with subtle indications of Turquoise’s actual talents. If the reader couldn’t decipher what was truly conveyed, the President figured, the fault would lie with them for hiring him. After all, he had already fallen into that trap once.

Mr Funsink, now armed with two fabulous references, set his sights even higher.